We started Ecom Uprising because we can see the opportunity that is out there for everyone. Anyone can start an online business and be successful because it’s essentially a level playing field. So what do you want to achieve with your one crack at life? Make it big.


To be successful in anything, you need the right ideas and attitude. Despite what people say, no one is ‘self-made’ every successful person had help whether through guidance, support or financial aid. 

Ecom Uprising is a movement aimed at arming you with the information you need to become what you want to be.

Over the years we have been frustrated by the paradox of online learning. Literally everything you need to know is somewhere on the internet, but finding it amongst the noise of people selling their own information is almost impossible.

This is why so many people get stuck in a state of analysis paralysis when starting an online business.

With Ecom Uprising we aim to build a one-stop resource that you can trust to give you unbiased information that comes from a place of experience.

Our strategy is not just to sell you a course by creating a compelling argument, it’s to give you the tools you need so you can actually make the changes you want in your life. We care about you.


founder // lead upriser

Chris Bradshaw

I’ve spent all my adult life dreaming big dreams. The big project, the big payday. But for many years I was going nowhere. Then one day my life was changed by the right piece of advice. This is why I now run Ecom Uprising, because with the right advice you can start something that will change your life.

Let’s do this thing.

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James Dixon


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