The Future of Buying Web Domains: Will They All Be Owned One Day?

Domains are being bought up all the time, surely there is a finite limit of them and one day all the good ones will be taken?

Whenever someone comes up with a new business idea, they hit their favorite domain host and check to see if it’s available. Most of the time it’s not.

A lot of people will stop there and try to think of another name, but what many probably don’t realise is that just because a domain is not publicly available, does not mean that it cannot be bought.

Someone probably just bought that domain to hold on to it and sell it to someone at a higher price. This practise is completely legal, anyone can go buy domains and hold on to them for resale through brokerage websites like, and you can also do this within

So surely one day all the useful domain variations will be owned and everyone will have to go through brokerage to acquire domains.

I’m not talking about complete nonsense like, but all the useable domains. For instance our domain – we liked this name and it was available! I personally also own my name as a domain, that just won’t be possible in the future.

What Big Businesses Do

Ever noticed how new businesses that appear seem to already have a great URL. How did they get that? Well they purchased it.

Most big businesses know that they are going to have to acquire their domain, so they skip the investigation stage and go straight to a premium domain source and basically say ‘what have you got?’

Like, right now on Sedo I could buy for $5,000-$10,000 in an auction, and if i wanted to set up an AI Chat, or live chat application, this could be a really good name for it. I found that in less than 5 minutes.

Will Domains Become Obselete First?

Of course, it could be that by the time the available domains get to such a low level, a new format for the internet appears and domains become essentially obselete.

We already mostly use search to find what we want, even when we know the web address we will just start typing the name of the company. So it makes sense that in the not too distant future it might not matter whether the domain for your business is available in as much that you just need to make sure that your business name is unique enough to make you recognisable and findable.


The thing is that right now, the way the internet is built is that individual online resources are listed by their Domain Name System (DNS), and for domains to become completely obselete this would have to change, and that would be a major change that would affect the entire internet.

Bottom line, that is unlikely to happen in our lifetime.

So Domains Are Here to Stay?

For now, yes and we are already getting into a time where it is harder and harder to find the domain that you want. When we have named businesses in the past we have gone through many variations of names to finally land on something that is either available, or purchasable.

Many small businesses cannot fork out $2,500 to purchase a premium domain, even if it would be the best thing for their business. This is why we often see strange spellings of business names.

We’d love to know what you think about the future of domains, and whether we should just get used to the idea of paying $$$$’s to acquire new domains.

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Chris Bradshaw

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